I’ve never really cared about my brows per se, until recently when I noticed it really defines your face. Take a picture with your face fully made up but without your brows, then take another one with your brows done, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Throughout my days in school *yeahicansaythattoo* Lol I never drew my brows, only on special occasions and when my friends want to beat my face for their portfolio.

I had this one friend, Tola, she was always disturbed by my brows, she taught me every single thing I need to know about makeup. I still couldn’t draw my brows. They say practice makes perfect but it wasn’t exactly working in my case, I practised a lot, but my arcs were terrible.

To solve all my problems, I decided to get;

1. E.L.F stencil kit, you can check it out on various online stores


2. LA GIRL concealer


3. Old mascara wand as spoolie


4. Eyepencil and Eyebrow filler (optional)



how to draw brows


Using the Kit is very simple, you’ll check which of the 4 stencils fit your face shape.

Then put it on your face, from where the brows should start and end, then shade inside, remember that the beginning of the brows should be a lot lighter than the rest of your brows. Click here to know the brows for your face shape

A lot of people make the mistake of darkening the beginning so much which makes it look really bad. The picture above should help you understand better.

The concealer does a lot in adjusting your brows, if your arc isn’t so good, the concealer can help correct where necessary. click Here for more about how to highlight.

For your pencil, its advisable, to know the colour that works for you, although for davis and airwoman pencils, 3 works for dark ladies and 18 for light ladies.

You can also get one of those pencils that have a concealer at the other end.