Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall: How to return or exchange your faulty phone


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The Note 7 is no more. Early on Tuesday morning, Samsung announced the company was stopping production of the phone after asking all retail partners to stop selling and exchanging the troubled device.

In addition to stopping production and sales, Samsung is asking all Note 7 users to power down the device and return it to the point of purchase immediately. Yes, that means even if you have a replacement Note 7 that was deemed safe by the company, you still need to return the device. It’s not safe.

Instructions for each carrier are below, and we will keep updating this post as more news becomes available.

Curious as to what went wrong, and the steps Samsung is taking to correct it? CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt tells you everything you need to know about the recall here.

Go through Samsung

Forget the IMEI checking tool, or worrying about when replacement devices will be available. If you’re in the US, call Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG to…